Implementation Manager vacancy

Job title: Implementation Manager

Reports to: Gurdeep Gahir, Director

Line managers: Other Implementation Managers and associates on assignment only as required

Hours: You will be required to work 37.5 hours per week. However, the nature of your job requires a flexible approach so that work deadlines and commitments are met. You may therefore be required to work such additional hours as are necessary for the proper performance of your duties and your acceptance of your contract signifies that you are opting out from the 48-hour week European agreement.

Location: Home-based & on client premises as required

Purpose of the role: To help Ad Esse Consulting grow and achieve success by developing new business, delivering excellent implementation support to our clients and helping to improve the way we work as an organisation.

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Responsibilities & duties

Developing business

  • Take part in networking activities
  • Identify leads, contacts and opportunities within the sales pipeline
  • Lead or contribute to sales proposals, tenders and pitches
  • Develop client relationships and create extension sales

Delivering implementation support

  • Develop trusting relationships with clients
  • Identify client needs
  • Plan implementation of changes required (with support from consultant)
  • Project manage the implementation stage
  • Meet each client’s project governance requirements
  • Deliver and facilitate (coordinate) the completion of implementation actions
  • Train and coach leaders and project delivery staff

Planning the implementation

  • Set up a project implementation ‘core group’ of individuals who will own actions on the implementation plan, this group typically consists of team managers, and specialists from services such as IT, Comms, HR and Finance.
  • Manage and chair the core group meetings
  • Work to create an implementation timeline
  • Identify ownership of all actions on the plan

Project management & governance

  • This includes completing any project governance requirements the hiring organisation has
  • Completing of project critical tasks such as:
    • Reporting, measuring and reporting on success
    • Setting up and managing the project Information Centre/project hub
    • Managing and executing the stakeholder management plan
    • Managing and delivering the communications plan
    • Managing a risk register
    • Chairing the project stakeholder group meetings
    • Providing regular written updates (in the form of flash reports) to key stakeholders and project team members
    • Manage change requests and revisions

Delivering actions & facilitating completion of actions

Many actions required to implement and embed new ways of working can be completed by an Implementation Manager, but many will need to be completed by the staff at our clients – there are also the actions where the Implementation Manager will need input from the staff in order to deliver actions.  When this is the case, the IM will facilitate input, whether in a focus group or as part of a workshop or a rapid implementation blitz.  

  • Managing & reporting on project budgets
  • Capturing electronic processes
  • Writing and updating guidance/policies and procedures
  • Updating project boards/trustees
  • Create job descriptions
  • Design structure charts and liaise with HR
  • Report writing
  • Create process RACIs (responsibility, accountability, consulted, informed matrices)
  • Design and create team skills matrices
  • Facilitate implementation blitz workshops (for actions that need completing by the business but can be done in a time bound workshop setting e.g. redesigning paperwork or letters
  • Design and facilitate customer consultations
  • Design customer surveys

Coaching leaders & project delivery staff

Working with leaders and in-house project delivery staff is a critical part of the embedding phase. This typically involves:

  • Training our client’s staff in how to facilitate problem solving sessions
  • Training and coaching them to set up and manage their team Information Centre(s)
  • Training the leaders in Process Confirmation & Auditing, and doing it with them

Developing the organisation

  • Contribute to product development
  • Contribute to company development
  • Develop own competencies
  • Share best practice with colleagues



  • Experience in delivering change and service improvement in an operational or internal delivery role
  • Experience of applying project management methodology to implement change


  • Experience at all organisational levels
  • Certified using project management methodology, preferably Agile

Beliefs & behaviour

  • Shares Ad Esse values
  • Self-reflective and willing to learn
  • Collaborative
  • Self-starting
  • Respectful and tolerant of others
  • Disciplined
  • Likes to have serious fun
  • Must be prepared to travel within UK
  • Must be prepared to stay away from home base overnight and possibly several nights


  • Presentable (professional)
  • Credible
  • Energetic


  • Creative
  • Problem-solving
  • Able to take a brief quickly
  • Quick-thinking

How to apply

Please send a CV and covering letter via email to Address to Gurdeep Gahir and put ‘Implementation Manager application’ in the subject line.

We’re looking forward to receiving your application. If you have any queries, please email us or call 01164 788 258.