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Build connections & engagement with storytelling

The power of storytelling

Storytelling is a proven technique for building stronger connections in a way that facts and figures can’t; perfect for engaging teams during transformation programmes and creating trust with those you serve. 

22 stories, in partnership with Ad-Esse, helps organisations find their voice and tell their story to create greater engagement and action:


Explore and express your vision, mission and values in a more creative way, putting the needs of your customers at the heart of your story and helping align your teams to what you believe in. 


Develop more effective ways to communicate change internally and increase engagement, helping teams to understand the value and benefits to them of transformation and where their role fits into the wider vision. 


Train internal communications and marketing teams to use storytelling, for example communicating change management programmes, service value propositions etc. 

A testimonial for 22 Stories

“Working with Hilary at 22 Stories has been an enlightening experience, she has a clear and logical approach for working with people who need to understand and articulate their ‘why’ more succinctly. When I read the outputs from our session it was like learning about our company all over again, it is ‘us’ on a page (well more than a page but you know what I mean!).  

We started using the outputs we received straight away, and they are critical to the success of our brand refresh and website re-launch. It’s been the best money we have spent this year and I’m delighted that Hilary will be doing more work with us to mentor our design and content coordinator & develop our value proposition. I could not recommend Hilary’s services more highly!”

Rhiannon Gibbs, Director at Ad Esse Consulting

About Hilary Salzman at 22 Stories

22 stories is led by Hilary Salzman, an experienced business storyteller and value proposition marketing specialist. She has spent the last 2 decades helping public and private sector teams from small start-ups to large global organisations embrace the power of different, find their authentic voice and use it to fulfil their goals and objectives. 

If you have any queries, you can ask Hilary at 22 Stories:

07833 462 143