UK social housing providers cut void turnaround time & costs dramatically

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One of the most requested projects we facilitate is improving the end-to-end voids & lettings process performance. This is because our Voids & lettings project typically delivers:

  • A quicker process, reducing financial loss & increasing income
  • An excellent customer experience, creating a positive first impression for your new residents
  • A more effective and efficient process, resulting in fewer errors, reduced operating costs, happier staff and better cross team relationships
  • Our projects often result in better customer retention too, therefore avoiding a void altogether! 

We have been working with UK housing providers for more than 12 years;
see the results that other housing organisations have achieved in some of our project case studies below. Typically our voids and lettings projects will have an ROI of between 3:1 and 8:1, depending on your starting position.

We’re able to deliver projects effectively in a virtual setting and are also happy to work with your organisation face-to-face. If you’re unsure about working on business improvement virtually, read Emma Sheer’s thoughts on a voids & lettings project that we successfully delivered with Grand Union Housing Group as we entered the first lockdown.

79% reduced void turnaround time at One Housing
With the help of our voids process review, the team at One Housing reduced void turnaround times, improved the customer experience, and established a more strategic voids management approach built on inter-team collaboration and knowledge sharing.
“The way voids are managed within One Housing has been transformed through this review. We’re delighted with the results so far, and the teams are energised to drive even more improvement.” – Dan Oehlman, former Head of Business Change at One Housing
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£114K reduction in rent loss at Saffron Housing Trust
By introducing the team to tools such as information centres and a voids tracker, we helped Saffron Housing Trust to optimise workflows and spend more time on activities that add value for customers.
“The review really showcased the power of collaborative working to the organisation. Those involved have felt engaged and empowered by the approach taken and continue to use the tools and techniques they have learned to drive continuous improvement.” – Jodie Sherwood, Assistant Director (Business Transformation) at Saffron Housing Trust
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Lancaster City Council reduce void days by 59%
After a process review, Lancaster City Council eliminated their void property backlog, reduced void rental loss, and improved the their customer experience. 

“Ad Esse added expertise, but also focus and rigour to the task of improving our voids and lettings process. Staff felt engaged in the project from the start, and rather than a ‘quick fix’ solution the improvement in void times and working practices give all the signs of being sustainable.” – Peter Linsley, Service Support Manager
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“Ad Esse are extremely professional and personable at the same time. They are knowledgeable and are willing to share their knowledge and embed new practices in the overall organisation, so not just delivery the project well, but improve the organisation at the same time.”

Mona Shah, Executive Director of Finance & Information at One Housing Group

How to improve your performance with a digital voids tracker

A voids tracker is a tool that helps your team to visually see the state of your voids; our clients have found this to be highly effective for improving performance. In the past, we have set up physical voids trackers for teams to monitor in a shared space, like a whiteboard or a wall.

To make this tool accessible in a virtual setting with distributed teams, we have developed & tested a simple, effective digital tracker using MS Planner. You can watch Yeukai’s demonstration below for how to set up your digital voids tracker.

“We simply could not have implemented the changes without Ad Esse’s support”

Adrian Jacobs, Service Hub Manager at Poplar HARCA

We can help you to increase income, save time, improve team relationships and increase customer satisfaction. To sustainably improve the performance of your voids, start your process review with us today by emailing, or use the contact page.

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