Digital Voids Tracker Q&A Session

Zoom | 27th Jan 2022 | 10am

Digital Voids Tracker Q and A session

What is a Voids tracker?

A voids tracker is a visual tool that can be used by property services and lettings teams to monitor and discuss the progress of void properties and troubleshoot problems that occur. Meeting around this tracker daily for a few minutes removes many ad-hoc emails and miscommunications between the two teams and enables you to communicate more effectively with your customers. Historically, these trackers were on physical boards or walls in your offices, but distributed teams and home-working means a digital approach is now required.  

Event details

You may remember that last year, we ran a session to explain how to set up a virtual voids tracker in MS Planner. Well, we had lots of interest! So much in fact that with home working extended, we thought we would run a follow up Q&A session for anyone who is interested but has not yet progressed their plans.  
If you missed the original session detailing what a voids tracker is, how to set one up, what benefits there are to it, and how to use it effectively – you can watch it here.
The Q&A session will be run by our Implementation Manager Yeukai, and will last 30 minutes. You can submit questions in advance here or bring your questions to the Q&A and we will answer them live. This voids tracker Q&A will be run on the 27th of January 2022 at 10am, and it will be recorded for anyone who can’t attend the live event. Book your place by filling in the form below.

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