The comprehensive guide to licensing Ad Esse Artwork

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Want to make an impact? This is your chance to make a statement that will engage your audience, show your personality, and stand out from the crowd. This comprehensive artwork licensing guide will provide you with all the information you need to license the perfect visual to engage your customers, your team, and your stakeholders.

We’ll keep adding to this guide as we make continuous improvements – this guide was lasted updated on 02/03/2022.

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A note from our Directors

Ad Esse Consulting are here to help you deliver sustainable continuous improvement, ultimately delivering excellent service for your customers. One of first the biggest obstacles to any business improvement or business transformation is gaining support from the right people. As a leader of change, you need to get senior management buy in to your vision, as well as engage the whole organisation in a commitment to continuous improvement. Secondly, excellent customer service requires setting clear expectations and communication of your service delivery. We’ve decided to offer licensed artwork to help change leaders like you overcome the two challenges outlined above.

Artwork for leadership buy-in & commitment

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words – that’s because it grabs attention quicker than text, is easier to digest, and resonates on a deeper emotional level, making visuals more memorable than a bunch of words. Presenting to your senior management and team with artwork will improve engagement and your chances of securing commitment to continuous improvement.

Artwork for customer satisfaction

Again, visuals are easier to digest and are less likely to be ignored by your customers. This could resolve a lot of customer queries instantly, creating more time for your team to focus on value-adding work. Artwork can simplify messages explain processes more effectively without language barriers; providing clear communication through visuals will help your customers to know what to expect from your service and improve their experience. We’ve received positive feedback already about Ad Esse artwork and hope that enjoy browsing and licensing illustrations from our shop.


Wishing you all the best,

Rhiannon & G (Directors at Ad Esse Consulting)

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What's in this guide

  • Examples of businesses using illustrations
  • How to license Ad Esse Artwork in 5 steps
  • Get involved in the creative process of Ad Esse Artwork
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Examples of businesses using illustrations

Artwork takes time to create and suggests to your customers, team, and stakeholders that you’ve put in the effort to go the extra mile. In the fast-paced digital age, people are used to seeing content that is churned out quickly – therefore, they will sit up and take notice when they see your illustrations. Here are four ways that illustrations achieve your business goals with real examples from businesses.

Artwork for strengthening your brand identity

Custom artwork and illustrations in particular show your personal or brand personality and connect with your audience on an emotional level. Your choice of style and colours can further your brand identity and create content that is recognisable as your organisation. Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are a prime example of how organisations can use artwork to strengthen their brand identity. They have used illustration to engage others with their strategy in a booklet and on their website. For instance, GOSH’s purpose and mission are written in an illustration of a rocket ship, which appeals to children who are the primary beneficiaries of their work.

Artwork for standing out of the crowd

Artwork can be time consuming and costly to create, so few businesses choose to incorporate illustrations into their content – when businesses do use illustrations, they stand out from competitors and grab attention. For example, MailChimp use bold yellow backgrounds and a hand drawn illustration style that hooks in viewers. The illustration mascot, a chimp mail deliverer, stands out and welcomes users to the site.

Artwork for engaging your audience

Visuals are interesting and memorable, particularly if viewers resonate and empathise with the drawn characters or objects. People are also more likely to share illustrations with others on social media as they are quick to digest and appreciate. I’m sure you’ve seen Google doodles before. When you go to type a question into Google’s homepage search engine, it’s the image or animation above the search bar. The visuals change every day for different anniversaries or occasions and are created by a team of in-house artists. Google also hold an annual competition for children to submit entries, encouraging user-generated content and engaging their audience even further.

Artwork for communicating ideas clearly

Illustrated processes or product explainers help to communicate ideas more clearly for customers and are often more engaging than lengthy instruction manuals are text-heavy documents. For example, Asana have created an illustrated tour to simplify product features and help customers get started quickly.

How to license Ad Esse Artwork in 5 steps

1. Who is your artwork is for?

What’s the purpose of your visual? Is it for your customers, your team, or stakeholders? Licensed illustrations by Ad Esse Consulting are perfect for increasing engagement, but you might want to consider a personalisation upgrade with your own brand colours for external communications.

2. Where do you want to display your artwork?

The licensing fee depends on where you want to display your artwork. On our online shop, there are three options available:

  1. For business blog or digital advertising
  2. For newsletter or presentation
  3. For website or print

If you’re unsure which option applies to you, please ask us by emailing with ‘artwork’ in the subject line. If you would like to display the artwork across multiple media channels, you need to purchase all the relevant options of the same illustration. The pricing of our artwork licensing is based upon the level of exposure and impact upon your goals. To add as much value as possible, we’ve removed the time limit from our artwork licensing, which means that you can use the illustrations for as long as you want in your selected location.

A more effective solution may be bespoke artwork, which is created to meet your exact specifications and covers you to use the artwork anywhere for as long as you want. To discuss your bespoke artwork, email with ‘bespoke artwork’ in the subject line.

How to license Ad Esse Artwork infographic

3. What message do you want to convey?

Depending on the type of message you want to get across, you might find our artwork categories helpful. Use the menu at the side of the shop to browse specific categories, including:

4. Add to basket & checkout

Choose the right option for you which depends on where you want to showcase your illustration. Add it to the basket before heading over to the checkout with your bank card details. If you want to personalise the illustration with your own colours and dimensions, add the ‘personalisation upgrade’ as a separate product. This allows you to customise ONE Ad Esse artwork. If you want a bespoke illustration, email to enquire and we’ll be in touch soon.

To checkout, all you need is your bank card details and billing address. All prices on the website shop excludes VAT, which will be added at the checkout page.

5. Share your licensed illustration with the world!

Once you’ve made your payment, you will be able to download your illustration file (300DPI res, png format). If you have any queries or problems at this stage, please email and we’ll help you.

Licensing Artwork Terms & Conditions

Expand the sections of our licensing artwork terms and conditions below.

1.1 How it works

Decide where you want to use your chosen artwork. There are three options:

  • For use in your business blog or digital advertising
  • For use in your newsletter or presentation
  • For use in your website or print

If you are unsure of the option your need to select, ask us by using our contact webpage or email

By purchasing a license, you have permission to use the selected illustration for any length of time, but only for your chosen media. If you want to use the same illustration in a different area, you must repurchase the illustration and select the different area.

If these terms are broken, we will ask you to remove the illustration from unlicensed areas via written email notice. If the details of the written request are not met, we will take necessary legal action.

1.2 What exactly will I receive?

After your purchase, you’ll see a link to download a 300 DPI PNG of the artwork. A PNG has a clear background and is a suitable file for you application. If you purchase the ‘personalisation upgrade’, a member of our team will be notified and will contact you about your needs.

1.3 Intellectual property

The artist (Ad Esse Consulting Ltd) retains all rights to the artwork.

1.4 Purchases and payment

Please see our ECOMMERCE WEBSITE TERMS AND CONDITIONS for details regarding purchase and payment, as well as other areas related to licensing artwork through the website.

1.5 Contact us

In order to resolve a complaint regarding Ad Esse licensed artwork or to receive further information regarding use of Ad Esse licensed artwork, please contact us at:

Ad Esse Consulting Ltd

76 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 9TB

01164 788 258

Company registration: 52453821

Get involved illustration by Ad Esse Consulting

Get involved with Ad Esse Artwork

At Ad Esse, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and continuous improvement. If you have any suggestions for illustrations to add to our licensing gallery, please let us know by emailing

We always love seeing your Ad Esse Artwork photos on our social media. Show us how you use our illustrations. Tag us in your images with #AdEsseArtwork and we’ll reshare them.