New repairs system implementation at Golding Homes

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Occasionally we are approached to complete projects that are not the ‘norm’ for Ad Esse but sometimes these projects suit the background and expertise of one of our team members. This is one of those examples.

The client: Golding Homes

We have worked with Golding on many successful improvement projects over the years, and recently upskilled an in-house team of Lean Practitioners who can support service improvement across the organisation. 

The consultant: Adam Davies

Adam is an Ad Esse Lean consultant with a background in property services delivery (gas operative management for one of the UKs largest housing organisations and DLOs).

The challenge

Golding had purchased a repairs system called ROCC to manage their responsive repairs process. The system was to be used on tablets by their repairs operatives, and when operational, this will provide real time updates about property repairs. The organisation had tried and failed to recruit someone to lead the operational roll out of the ROCC system to their operatives and approached Ad Esse for help.

Quote from the client

“I just wanted to pass on a massive thank you to Ad Esse and particularly Adam for supporting us through the implementation of ROCC. I know this is not something that you usually cover within your business and appreciate the time you allocated members of your team to us.

Appointing Adam to come and work with us at Golding Homes during the implementation of ROCC had been really important. Adam had been going out on site with the operatives and showing them how to use the devices when out in the field on a case by case basis (there had been a few teething issues at the beginning). Adam drafted up some crib sheets and distributed them to the planners and operatives to help them along the way.

He supported the operatives and corrected any incorrect action that operatives had made. For example, he identified an issue with back office receiving blank LGSRs following incorrect steps being made by the individual. As soon as these cases came in, Adam sprung into action and met the operative to work through the next lot that he had on his device for the day. This helped us remain compliant. This is just one example of the work that Adam supported us with in the days and weeks after go-live.”

Carol Meloy, Head of Repairs and Maintenance at Golding Homes

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