Three reasons to be a Continuous Improvement organisation

Create a Continuous Improvement culture

A continuous improvement organisation illustration by Ad Esse Consulting

Continuous Improvement as a concept is very simple. Make every aspect of what you do better, easier, faster, and cheaper, and add more value for your customer.

At Ad Esse, we exist to inspire Continuous Improvement in organisations with a social purpose, any organisation that puts purpose ahead of profit. Based on our experience, we know that continuous improvement is the surest route for any organisation to achieve operational excellence and sustainable performance improvement.

Create excellent services for your customers

When everyone in your organisation puts effort into making what you do each day a little bit better, your customers win big time. This means less time spent dealing with unpleasant stuff like complaints and failure demand. This time can be reinvested into value adding activities or more, yep you guessed it, Continuous Improvement!

Become a top performing organisation with a competitive advantage

As an organisation with a social purpose, you may not consider your organisation as having ‘competition,’ but everyone wants to be the best in their field. If you adopt a Continuous Improvement culture, you will not only become the best… you’ll be uncatchable!

Satisfy and enthuse your employees

We’ve found that organisations with a Continuous Improvement culture have better staff retention and find it easier to recruit in a competitive market because your reputation makes you an employer of choice for sector talent.

Continuous Improvement takes innovation out of the hands of the few (usually leaders) and gives it to the many. This idea of small sparks of innovation and improvements every day is hugely attractive to employees who ultimately want to be good at what they do and deliver excellent services. The leader’s role is to create a culture for this to thrive.

How to become a continuous improvement organisation

If you want to harness the power of Continuous Improvement in your organisation, you must recognise that getting there requires a cultural shift, not merely a skills shift. You can’t just train your staff in problem solving and pray for the best. You have to fundamentally behave in a different way.

At Ad Esse, we run Continuous Improvement (CI) exploration workshops for executive teams where we share with you what a CI culture looks like, how to embed a CI culture, and create a bespoke roadmap with you to get you off the starting blocks.

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