What does a Continuous Improvement organisation look like?

A comparison rich picture

The rich picture below was illustrated by our in-house designer, Sam Warburton. It compares a non Continuous Improvement organisation (left) with a Continuous improvement (CI) organisation. In a CI organisation, everyone has two jobs; the one they were hired to do, and how they can make things better.

A rich picture of what a Continuous Improvement organisation looks like by Ad Esse Consulting

Features of a Continuous Improvement organisation

In an organisation with a Continuous Improvement culture, you have:

  • Empowered and engaged employees
  • Collaboration and team work
  • Team problem solving
  • A shared common purpose
  • Continuous improvements and learning
  • Customer-focus, putting people first
  • Leaders who ‘go and see’ for themselves


At Ad Esse, we run Continuous Improvement (CI) exploration workshops for executive teams where we share with you what a CI culture looks like, how to embed a CI culture, and create a bespoke roadmap with you to get you off the starting blocks. Email Rhiannon at hello@ad-esse.com to get started.