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Change managers help people survive project jungles

Change managers help people survive project jungles There are lots of elements to project implementation that can leave your head spinning, so let’s clarify this one – what’s the difference between project management and change management? Keep reading for our definitions and to understand how both enable successful project delivery. Project managers vs change managers […]

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Is your project at risk of derailing?

Is your project at risk of derailing? WARNING: 70% of all projects fail There’s nothing more frustrating than investing your time, effort and budget into a project that never reaches completion. Keep reading for how to spot the warning signs that your project is in danger of derailing, and how to get back on track. […]

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Argh! Did someone say service charges?

Service charges An age old problem for the housing sector Get Service Charge updates to your inbox The scale of the problem For many years, service charges have been a challenge for housing providers. Grappling with the changing demands of customers, interpreting leases, meeting legislative requirements, and maximising recovery all require very different skills. Understandably, […]

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Top performers continuously improve

Top performers know how to continuously improve Whether you know us personally or only from our emails and social media, you probably know that we work with organisations to deliver sustainable performance improvement. But, did you know that our purpose is to inspire continuous improvement in organisations that have a social purpose?   But why continuous […]

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Using charts to display data

Using charts to display data Infographic The infographic below explains Ad Esse Consulting’s guidelines for displaying your data. Know when to use line graphs, column / bar graphs, pie charts, scatter graphs, and other popular graphs. Download using the button at the bottom of the page and share on social media. Download this infographic* *Please […]