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Beyond process improvement: Creating a continuous improvement culture

Beyond process improvement: creating a continuous improvement culture Zoom | 11th May 2022 | 10am (1 hour) Process improvement is an essential part of service and organisational transformation, but without an improvement culture, your process improvement work is likely to diminish over time and fall short of realising it’s full potential. Sometimes process improvement work […]

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How to measure performance effectively

How to measure performance effectively Zoom | 16th March 2022 | 10am (1 hour) Hitting your targets but struggling to get the outcomes you want? Unsure whether you’re measuring the right things for you? Drive performance improvement with your team / organisation by designing effective measures. We’re running a 45-minute webinar to provide you with […]

A man angrily playing whack a mole with a speech bubble coming out of his mouth

How to overcome obstacles to your transformation

How to overcome obstacles to your transformation Zoom | 16th Feb 2022 | 10am (1 hour) Does your change and improvement activity feel disjointed? Or as one client put it, ‘like a game of whack-a-mole’? Do you find yourself spending money and resources on projects that you can’t follow through with? Are you always butting […]

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How to get more done in the time you have

How to get more done in the time you have 12th Jan 2022 | 10am | Zoom | FREE It’s frustrating when you have too much work and not enough time to complete it. Stress levels rocket and you end up disappointing your customers, your team and yourself. There is a way that you can […]