Bee productivity infographic

Bee productive – tips from Ad Esse

Bee productive Focus on productivity instead of being busy See our infographic below for Ad Esse Consulting’s tips for productivity. Download infographic Go to Knowledge Hub Scroll to top

Kano Model Analysis graph

A guide to Kano Model Analysis

A guide to Kano Model Analysis Staying focused on customer satisfaction Download your guide What is Kano Model Analysis? Dr Noriaki Kano developed Kano Model Analysis in the 1980s, as a tool for analysing and understanding customer satisfaction. It is used when designing new or reviewing existing products and services to keep focus on customer […]

PDCA model illustrated by Ad Esse Consulting

A guide to Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

PDCA model illustrated by Ad Esse Consulting Download your PDCA guide What is PDCA? Plan-Do-Check-Act is an iterative four-step problem-solving process used to achieve continuous improvement. It is a never-ending cycle of improvement based on learning from the results you achieve. It is also known as the Deming Cycle, Shewhart Cycle or Deming Wheel. Who […]

An overproduction illustration by Ad Esse Consulting with a tortoise surrounded by paperwork and a rabbit with his feet on the desk.

A guide to the 7 Wastes

A guide to the 7 Wastes Waste is anything that does NOT add value to your product or service. Every activity in your organisation either adds customer value, or cost (Waste). Download our infographic for the 7 types of waste. What are the 7 Wastes? This is a Lean tool that helps you identify waste […]

An illustration by Ad Esse Consulting. Four people sit round a table, talking about targets on the wall

A guide to objectives and key results (OKRs)

A guide to objectives and key results (OKRs) Download your OKRs guide OKR template An Objective is what you want to achieve, and a Key Result is how you plan to measure that you have achieved your Objective. Monitoring your OKRs will help you to celebrate success and identify any barriers to overcome. What are […]