Lean coffee cups by Ad Esse Consulting

A guide to Lean Coffee

A guide to Lean Coffee Download your Lean Coffee guide What is Lean Coffee? Energise your day with Lean Coffee. Lean Coffee is a tool that we use at Ad Esse Consulting to discuss topics that interest you in a short, yet productive meeting. Our simple 7-step guide enables participants to gather, build an agenda […]

An illustration of people huddled around a board on a wall called an information centre for a daily meeting

A guide to daily meetings

A guide to daily meetings Download your daily meetings guide Boost productivity and work together efficiently as a team. Alongside Information Centres, daily meetings are an effective way to create a continuous improvement culture. What are daily meetings? Anyone who has ever worked with Ad Esse knows that we are passionate about Information Centres & […]

Ad Esse stages of a Target Operating Model

A guide to Target Operating Models (TOMs)

A guide to Target Operating Models (TOMs) Download your TOM guide Get your executive team to agree and articulate your organisation’s purpose and how to deliver your vision. This statement includes the processes that need to be in place, the skills, capabilities & technology required, and where the work will take place. What is a […]

Rapid improvement workshop illustration by Ad Esse Consulting

A guide to Rapid Improvement Workshops (RIW)

A guide to Rapid Improvement Workshops (RIW) Download your RIW guide Focus on a targeted process or problem area to deliver breakthrough improvements rapidly. This workshop allows you to achieve significant, clear & quick results, and generate employee enthusiasm for problem solving. What is a Rapid Improvement Workshop? A Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW) focuses on […]

Ad Esse Consulting master schedule example

A guide to master schedules

A guide to Master Schedules Download your Master Schedules guide Plan and monitor transformation within the context of events happening throughout your organisation. This is a simple, but powerful, tool for providing visibility of all upcoming tasks, highlighting any project dependencies, and track resources. Find out more about how to create transparency and clarity with […]