Ad Esse Consulting measure what matters instead of benchmarking

A guide to effective measures

A guide to effective measures Download your Effective Measures guide Effective measures mean measuring the right things is crucial to delivering a responsive and flexible service. The quality and quantity of data collected and how it is used will strongly influence efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of service delivery as well as informing the need for […]

A woman holding a broom talking to a person in a Squid Game costume. The room is littered with Halloween decorations.

A guide to 5S

A guide to 5S Download your 5S guide Improve efficiency in your organisation with 5S. This tool allows you to save time, improve safety, increase productivity, and boost job satisfaction. It can be applied in a physical workplace or any electronic environment where information is stored.  What does 5S mean? 5S is a Lean tool […]

Kanban board example by Ad Esse Consulting

A guide to Kanban boards

A guide to Kanban boards Download your Kanban board guide Optimise and manage your workflow with Kanban boards. This tool allows you to visually depict your work at different stages and can be used by individuals, teams or entire organisations. You can use physical boards in the workplace or electronic boards for remote access. What […]

A schematic of an information centre

Information Centre Guide

A guide to Information Centres Download your guide to Information Centres Create an open and empowering culture for your organisation with Information Centres. This tool allows you to monitor team performance against key measures, display key information, drive team accountability, and provide a place for team members to highlight problems / questions for review & […]