An illustration of a man called Archie Cochraine

Are you mistake tolerant or mistake intolerant?

Are you mistake tolerant or mistake intolerant? Archie Cochraine was a Scottish doctor who was born in 1909. He is famous for using randomised trials in his work to progress medical practice. He was known as the father of evidence-based medicine. This is a story about one of his trials. Archie was working in a […]

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Leading people into a creative mindset

Leading people into a creative mindset Creative thinking enables your people to offer up fresh concepts, challenge norms, and imagine a better way of doing things for your customers. We know that it can be difficult to get a group of people to think creatively. Whether you’re designing a new process, problem solving, or innovating, it […]

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Are you making an impact? Measure your purpose

“Have you made an impact?” Perhaps a better question to ask, is how do you know whether you’ve made an impact? We find that many organisations struggle to respond when asked about the impact they are having and the outcomes they have delivered. But why? Let’s look at this together. “Who are we, if not […]

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How do you measure success at the Olympics?

How do you measure success at the Olympics? The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics have begun! We’re cheering on team GB. The question is, how do we determine success? An article in the Guardian sparked the question, who had the most successful Olympics? The USA, San Marino, and Bermuda all believe they had the best results. How can […]

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Pea is for productivity: prioritise the vital few tasks

Pea is for productivity We all have moments where time just disappears. Do you feel like too many tasks are fighting for your attention? Concerned that you don’t seem to be making much progress despite putting in a lot of time & effort? By prioritising a few vital tasks, you can get the greatest impact […]