Ad Esse Consulting measure what matters instead of benchmarking

Improve your performance by measuring what matters

Improve your performance by measuring what matters Measurement is something that has become increasingly overcomplicated over the years, and now often requires centralised teams to monitor and report on KPIs. Benchmarks and targets just muddy the water and make it harder to discern useable information. One of our strengths is demystifying measurement, working with organisations to set measures that matter; […]

Ad Esse Consulting human centric design blog

Human-centric design: How to make services your customers love

Shape your services around your customers A lot has changed since life before Covid – the way you work, live, and communicate with others is different. When you walk into a public place nowadays, you expect face masks, hand sanitiser and one-way systems. What would you think if a shop or restaurant were oblivious to […]

The Pareto principle and peas by Ad Esse Consulting

What does the Pareto principle have to do with peas?

What does the Pareto principle have to do with peas? The story: Pareto picking peas from pods In 1896, Vilfredo Pareto was picking peas in his garden when he noticed that some pea pods had more peas in than others. He counted the peas in each pea pod and noted that 80% of the peas […]

Ad Esse Consulting travelling in London to see clients

We’re coming out! Breaking out of lockdown

We’re coming out! Post-its, sharpie pens and brown paper all ready.The UK is gaining momentum and rolling out of lockdown. We’re returning to pubs, cinemas, and of course, many are making their way back to some sort of office environment. Like many of you, we continued to make improvements despite adapting to the challenges created by the […]

Whack a mole approach to transformation illustration by Ad Esse Consulting

Stop playing whack-a-mole. Start your transformation.

Stop playing whack-a-mole. Start your transformation. When you have lots of problems to resolve and people pulling you in different directions, it’s frustrating when your improvement efforts feel disjointed and you’re struggling to get anywhere quickly. There are no winners in whack-a-mole; your unhappy workforce struggle to deliver services that satisfy your disappointed customers, wasting […]