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Create an open and empowering culture for your organisation with Information Centres. This tool allows you to monitor team performance against key measures, display key information, drive team accountability, and provide a place for team members to highlight problems / questions for review & action. 

Optimise and manage your workflow with Kanban boards. This tool allows you to visually depict your work at different stages and can be used by individuals, teams or entire organisations. You can use physical boards in the workplace or electronic boards for remote access.


Improve efficiency in your organisation with 5S. This tool allows you to save time, improve safety, increase productivity, and boost job satisfaction. It can be applied in a physical workplace or any electronic environment where information is stored. 

Measuring the right things is crucial to delivering a responsive and flexible service. The quality and quantity of data collected and how it is used will strongly influence efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of service delivery as well as informing the need for future change.

Plan and monitor transformation within the context of events happening throughout your organisation. This is a simple, but powerful, tool for providing visibility of all upcoming tasks, highlighting any project dependencies, and track resources.

Focus on a targeted process or problem area to deliver breakthrough improvements rapidly. This workshop allows you to achieve significant, clear & quick results, and generate employee enthusiasm for problem solving.

Get your executive team to agree and articulate your organisation’s purpose and how to deliver your vision. This statement includes the processes that need to be in place, the skills, capabilities & technology required, and where the work will take place.

Boost productivity and work together efficiently as a team. Alongside Information Centres, daily meetings are an effective way to create a continuous improvement culture.

How to run effective daily meetings; get the most from your team by optimising your sessions. Here are answers to a few of your questions, provided by our Directors, Rhiannon Gibbs & Gurdeep Gahir.

Energise your day with Lean Coffee; create a short, yet productive meeting to get the most from your team and start your day with a boost. Discuss topics that interest you in seven simple steps that enable your participants to gather, build an agenda, and begin discussing. 

If your corporate values are truly important, they should be role modelled by your entire organisation in day-to-day life. This template is part of the values mapping exercise to determine a set of behaviours to create a values-based culture.

A Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a visual representation of any process your customer goes through with your organisation. Using a CJM will give you a clear sense of your customer’s needs and current frustrations when interacting with your business.

Get your processes ready for a digital transformation. This guide includes tips for a successful, effective digital transformation that will improve the customer experience, organisational performance, resource management and more.

An Objective is what you want to achieve, and a Key Result is how you plan to measure that you have achieved your Objective. Monitoring your OKRs will help you to celebrate success and identify any barriers to overcome.

Due to Covid-19, many have been forced to adjust to homeworking. To maintain productivity and practically transition from a central office space to multiple isolated workplaces, we wrote this guide to help leaders and employees develop a virtual workplace quickly & efficiently.

As a well established virtual company, we wanted to aid social purpose organisations to overcome the pressing difficulties of homeworking caused by Covid-19. For many, it is an ongoing challenge that requires continuous improvement.

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Setting up an Information Centre​

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What does 'purpose' focus mean?

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15 seconds of service improvement with One Housing Group

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Creating an Information centre (Time lapse)

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How to align values and behaviours

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Help me to reduce meetings & emails

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About us - Ad Esse Consulting

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G's three top tips for leading through change effectively

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Hazel's top tips for supporting people through transition

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