How can we help you to achieve sustainable performance improvement?

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Improve your performance, processes & services

Do you need to improve the performance of your processes or services? With customer expectations and needs changing all the time, and challenging social and economic conditions, how do you know if you are delivering the right services in the right way, creating maximum value, without compromising on quality, compliance and profitability? We use Lean Principles to design services and processes with you that deliver more customer value whilst simultaneously being more effective, efficient, cheaper, higher quality and better performing. 

Ask about our service reviews and rapid improvement workshops

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Embed a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI)

Most organisations have the term ‘continuous improvement’ in their strategy, but few have a clear and shared understanding about what this means or tangibly looks like, or how to achieve it. We will work with you to embed a culture where your workforce is united under a shared mission to do things a bit better every single day.

To get started book a one-day Exec team exploration workshop with us, during this day one of our directors will share with you what a CI culture looks like, how to embed a CI culture, and create a bespoke roadmap with you to get you off the starting blocks…

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Develop CI capabilities within your workforce

A high-performing continuous improvement culture requires in-house expertise to thrive. It is not sustainable to rely on others to drive your improvement agenda.

We work with clients to develop in-house continuous improvement expertise, including improvement practitioners (they are like internal consultants) who can facilitate improvement, we up-skill and mentor leaders in how to cultivate and nurture a continuous improvement culture, and we work with your front-line colleagues on embedding a problem-solving mentality and delivering service improvement.

Doing this ensures that the whole organisation works cohesively together with an improvement focused culture. 

Ask about skills transfer, leadership workshops, mentoring, or our LCS qualifications

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Continued professional development

If you’ve worked with us personally, or someone in your organisation has worked with us, ask about joining our Continuous Improvement (CI) Practitioner community. Get exclusive access to extra resources and peer networking and support.

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Optimise your organisation design

Is your organisational set-up aligned to the delivery of your purpose? Are you designed to efficiently deliver your mission and the best customer experience? Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and to assess how your fundamental set up, including your processes, measures, structure, systems, etc, supports the delivery of your organisation’s mission and strategic plans. 

Ask about operating model reviews, target operating model design, and full transformation programmes.

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We are part of ProcurePublic. Find us here! ProcurePublic empower public sector procurement with efficient economic frameworks.

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We’re fully accredited Bloom suppliers. Opening up procurement for the public sector, Bloom provide a marketplace for buying & managing services and is OJEU compliant.

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