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We’re masters of change; helping organisations with a social purpose transform the way they work to create long-lasting impact on the people who need it most. We are focussed on perpetual improvement and engage with staff across your organisation, from the front line to your executive team, to ensure your change process is successful. Take a look at our guides below for more information or say hello for your personalised solution.

Your guide to sustainable continuous improvements

Browse through Ad Esse’s services guide for more information about our offerings. We recognise that your organisation is different from everyone else; get in touch to discuss your challenges.

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Develop your people & culture

To fulfil your organisation’s social purpose and deliver great services to people in need, your staff must be fully equipped with capabilities to thrive in a constantly changing world. Sustainable progress is challenging without developing people and culture; what happens when the experts leave? We help by transferring skills to practitioners, leaders and frontline staff to ensure the whole organisation works cohesively together with an improvement-focused culture.

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Improve your services

With customer expectations and needs changing all the time, and challenging social and economic conditions, how do you know if you are delivering the right services in the right way, creating maximum value, without compromising on quality, compliance and profitability? We will help you to increase efficiency and improve customer experience. See our guides below for more information.

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Optimise your organisation design

Is your organisation set up properly to efficiently deliver the best customer experience? Your organisation must be forward-thinking, innovative and able to challenge the status quo if you are to deliver truly great services. Sticking a plaster over a problem isn’t enough; you want to pursue perfection for your customers, not just make things a little better. Take a look at our guides to see how we can help.

Implementation Manager - Guarantee your project success
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Our Implementation Manager takes a leading role in your project, making sure all your governance requirements are met, actions are implemented at pace to an agreed timescale, and benefits achieved and evidenced. As well as doing the work quickly and efficiently, our Implementation Manager coaches your people to make sure that future project delivery can be done in-house, if desired. With this offering supplementing our consultancy, we can guide you through a project from start to finish with limited disruption to services, avoiding employee frustration and wasted time, effort, and money.

Our process

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If you would like to work with us, we’re fully accredited Bloom suppliers. Opening up procurement for the public sector, Bloom provide a marketplace for buying & managing services and is OJEU compliant.