Our Story

We were founded in 2004, by consultants who were fed up of working in other consultancy firms where their contributions weren’t valued. They wanted to make a real difference in the world to help social organisations create better services for the people who need it most; and so, Ad Esse Consulting was born.

We are a business improvement consultancy; we’re often referred to as change or transformation consultants, but for that to be accurate the change or transformation must result in improvement.

Our approach to improvement is practical and is quietly underpinned by the principles of Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Innovation. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes and create organisations that can continuously improve and adapt to the ever-changing world, without ever losing focus on the reason they exist; the customer.

Our Vision

A world where every person experiences great services

Ad Esse values illustration

Our Mission

To inspire continuous improvement in organisations with a social purpose


We take every relationship beyond the transaction; working in close partnership with our clients and respecting their expertise, whilst openly sharing ours and continually learning together.

Purpose & results led

We always try our best to make sure our clients get the results they need; delivering a positive return on their investment whilst also ensuring our principles and ethics are upheld.


Integrity underpins our desire to always do the right thing; ensuring we never put profits before ethics and keeping us open-minded and always challenging in our quest to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, and society.

Serious fun

Serious work does not have to be boring. We believe that our best results come from working with good people and enjoying the process and that’s what we strive for.

Striving to be better

We believe in always moving forwards; continually learning and developing our skills and services to increase the value we provide to our clients.

Meet the Team

Rhiannon Gibbs, Director at Ad Esse team photo

Rhiannon Gibbs


Gurdeep Gahir, Director at Ad Esse team photo

Gurdeep Gahir (G)


Philippe Lacey, Founder at Ad Esse team photo

Philippe Lacey


Becky Mitchard, Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Becky Mitchard


Adam Davies, Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Adam Davies


Stoffer Bruun, Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Stoffer Bruun


Hazel Anderson Turner, Business Psychologist at Ad Esse

Hazel Anderson-Turner

Business Psychologist

Yeukai Chikowore, Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Yeukai Chikowore

Implementation Manager

Kieran Cresswell, Implementation Manager at Ad Esse team photo

Kieran Cresswell

Implementation Manager

Emma Angier, Accounts at Ad Esse team photo

Emma Angier


Sam Warburton, Design and Content Coordinator at Ad Esse team photo

Sam Warburton

Design & Content Coordinator

Mike Wistow, Associate Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Mike Wistow

Associate Consultant

Rebecca Gamlin, Associate Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Rebecca Gamlin

Associate Consultant

Paul Ambrose, Associate Consultant at Ad Esse team photo

Paul Ambrose

Associate Consultant


Working with all levels of your organisation, our Consultants diagnose the root cause of your problems, work with your staff to redesign services / processes, upskill your workforce, and ensure that your organisation is in the best possible position to deliver great customer experiences.

Who do you need?

Innovation Consultants

Explore the art of the possible; our Innovation Consultants work with you to identify and implement forward thinking & creative solutions to your problems. By working with your staff and focussing on your purpose, customers & vision, we ensure your innovation efforts add value to your organisation.

Implementation Managers

Working with our Consultants and your staff, our Implementation Manager delivers your project to an agreed, realistic timescale. By applying Agile thinking, our Implementation Manager ensures that your organisation achieves tangible outputs and a high ROI.

Our partners

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22 Stories

Communicate your story effectively to customers, staff and stakeholders with our partner, 22 Stories.

Hazel Anderson-Turner

Understand what influences the behaviour of your employees and leadership resilience with our partner, Hazel.

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