We're recruiting

We're hiring Consultants

We are looking to expand our consultancy team, a successful applicant must have experience of managing change and service improvement in an operational or internal improvement role or as an external consultant, and experience of working with or in senior leadership teams.  Any experience of strategic work is a bonus. 

Experience of working in not-for-profit, charity or public sector organisations is essential. 

How to apply

1. Research.

Take a good look at the application process and our website. You can also find us on LinkedIn.

2. Submit your application.

Fill in our form and submit your CV & covering video (5 mins max) to recruitment@ad-esse.com.

3. Interviews.

We’ll invite you for an interview with our two Directors, Rhiannon and G.

What’s next?

We’ll contact the successful candidate with a job offer and inform unsuccessful candidates. We’re looking forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please email recruitment@ad-esse.com.


  1. (00:03) What is the pay package / benefits?
  2. (01:58) Is the role full time / part time? Contract?
  3. (05:12) What is the training & induction, if successful?
  4. (07:00) Where will I be based? Where are your offices?
  5. (07:20) What is the close date for applications?
  6. (7:34) What will my day-to-day look like?
  7. (08:32) Can you tell me more about Ad Esse Consulting?

To get started

Step 1: Answer a few questions

Answer four questions that give us an insight into your patterns of thinking. 

Step 2: Film your covering video

Use any device to film your video, but we want to see you speaking on screen. In no longer than five minutes, explain why you want to be a Consultant at Ad Esse.

Here are a few resources for inspiration:

Step 3: Submit your CV & covering video

Send your CV and covering video to recruitment@ad-esse.com.

Thank you for your interest.  Sit tight and we’ll be in touch soon.