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Culture change: Align your values and behaviour

Actions speak louder than words If you want to create culture change, align your values & behaviour and positive stories will spread as a result. Have you ever seen company values displayed proudly for the world to see and laughed? For example, my internet provider values being proactive, putting customers first and working as one […]

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Why is my channel shift project creating more work?

Why is my channel shift project creating more work? & more customer dissatisfaction? The situation (anonymised) “We delivered a channel shift project* as part of our digital transformation programme over a year ago. The objective was to reduce phone calls into our contact centre and find new online ways for our customers to contact us, […]

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How to deliver Agile projects effectively with Yeukai

What is Agile? As an Implementation Manager at Ad Esse, I use Agile as an approach to project management. In a nutshell, Agile pushes you to deliver value early and often, and enables you to make project changes quickly, based on regular feedback. Having a deep understanding of the principles and how to practically apply […]

Ad Esse Lewisham Homes Case Study

How Lewisham Homes successful rolled-out a new Compliance System with a process review

How Lewisham Homes successfully rolled-out their new Compliance System with a process review (and saved over 200 staff hours a month) Download this case study When Lewisham Homes wanted to implement a system to drive greater transparency and efficiencies in their Property Compliance processes, they knew that they would need to do a process review […]