Ad Esse Consulting master schedule example

How to create a clear plan with Master Schedules

How to create transparency and clarity with Master Schedules What is a master schedule & why is it important? Despite having a likeness in appearance to a Gantt chart, a Master Schedule is not just a project plan. It is a simple, but powerful, tool for planning and monitoring transformation within the context of events […]

Backlog illustration by Ad Esse Consulting

Eliminating your growing backlog

Eliminating your growing backlog Banish your backlog! Backlogs can occur whatever sector you work in and you may already be well aware of the impact it has on your customer and colleagues. These backlogs may leave you feeling frustrated and as though you are ‘fire-fighting’, or, you may have come to a point where managing […]

Ad Esse Consulting gift aid processing illustration

Raise your income by improving gift aid processing

Raise your income by improving gift aid processing Targets & benchmarking 1990 – Gift Aid introduced on donations over £600 2000 – £600 minimum donation requirement removed 2006 – Scheme extended to include items donated at charity shops 2017 – Total claimed by charities FY 16/17 = £1.27bn The benefits of Gift Aid are clear […]