Output vs outcome explained by Ad Esse Consulting

Outputs and outcomes – are they different?

Outputs and outcomes – are they different? Although the terms output and outcome are sometimes used interchangeably, the difference is significant and important. At Ad Esse, we spend much of our time helping clients to focus on the outcomes they are trying to achieve. We also help them to identify their business processes, which inevitably […]

Ad Esse Consulting merciless measurement in charities illustration

Merciless measurement in charities

Merciless measurement in charities Share this page Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on whatsapp Share on pinterest Download blog post Definition The charity sector in the UK has demonstrated resilience through the economic downturn and some charities have emerged stronger and with a clearer focus on their […]

Police dog measurement illustration by Ad Esse Consulting

Merciless measurement in policing

Merciless measurement in policing UK Policing The demands on policing have changed significantly over the past 10 years. Overall crimes and incidents have decreased, whilst new crimes are emerging. Many of these crimes are associated with vulnerability, public protection and safeguarding and require more policing resources, being generally more complex to investigate. All this in a […]