Ad Esse Consulting Digital Transformation Illustration

Get your processes ready for a digital transformation

Love it or hate it, digitalisation is rapidly becoming the norm, largely thanks to COVID-19; everyone is rushing to undergo a digital transformation. Embracing digital technologies can provide opportunities that were previously unattainable, such as the delivery of additional services, a greater flexibility for your workers, a better customer experience and so much more. Your […]

Ad Esse Lewisham Homes Case Study

How Lewisham Homes successful rolled-out a new Compliance System with a process review

How Lewisham Homes successfully rolled-out their new Compliance System with a process review (and saved over 200 staff hours a month) Download this case study When Lewisham Homes wanted to implement a system to drive greater transparency and efficiencies in their Property Compliance processes, they knew that they would need to do a process review […]